Content Marketing Tools to Boost Engagement

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Written by Manvendra Singh

On September 6, 2020

A powerful and particularly result-oriented content marketing strategy can drive more and more visitors and customers for your business. And one of the most important factors in your planning should be the proper analysis of your competitor’s data and approach. But all the things to make a master plan consumes plenty of time and effort. All things considered, here we have the solutions for you through different content marketing platforms for content discovery, curation, analysis, and many more with the help of some content marketing tools.

Content marketers can optimize and automate their content along with other added advantages while using these tools. So, have an overview of thirty content marketing tools described here and build up your digital marketing strategy. 

1. Ryzely

In today’s competitive market, significantly enhance brand awareness on multiple social media platforms with this one of the best content marketing tools. Ryzely is basically a social media management tool to schedule, publish, and analyze your social media posts. 

Additionally, ease your workflows and save plenty of time in social media marketing activities. Ryzely is also a budget-friendly tool that allows you to do unlimited scheduling from anywhere and anytime. 

ryzely Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features: 

  • Evidently grow with your entire team by adding all your team members.
  • Have a preview of the content before publishing it to social networks. 
  • You can do the multi-composing at each network at the same time.
  • Flexible calendar for both content management and publishing.
  • Select the time zone that you want to select the region of your followers accordingly.
  • Link shortening option is also available.

Pricing plans:

There is a free plan which you can try. And the paid plans are mentioned as:

Free: $0/mo (upto 100 posts)

Tanzanite : $5/mo (inclusive of 14-day trial)

Red Beryl : $9/mo (inclusive of 14-day trial)

Musgravite: $19/mo (inclusive of 14-day trial)

2. certainly makes it easy for you to do content curation for websites & blogs, social media, newsletters, personal branding, and content hubs. Just conversely track the content from your favorite sources and organize them in groups. 

You can easily manage and also add news feeds with this content marketing tool. Also, create advanced custom filters to focus on your key topics. 

sit Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features: 

  • Its content engine will explicitly monitor global sources to find relevant third-party content.
  • Optimize the curated content in markedly templated newsletters.
  • Automation of content monitoring can also be done.
  • Additionally, you can share the selected content with your team members.
  • Moreover, publish the content on one or more WordPress blogs.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:



Enterprise-Contact for Pricing

3. Cronycle

Share the best content with your audience and subsequently save your efforts and time with the help of this content marketing tool. Users can also put content curation on autopilot. Moreover, you can explore the relevant content and topics for influencers. 

If you want to share the professional newsletters with your curated content, then this tool can make the easy way for it. Lastly, leverage the content marketing strategy with your trusted sources.

c Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features: 

  • Helps users to evidently import contacts from MailChimp, Google Contacts, or a CSV file for email marketing.
  • Customize your searches identically with keyword filters and organize the content with tags.
  • Similarly, save related articles, videos and Twitter conversations to boards.
  • Content filtering option is also available and you can share it using “Editor Approval”.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 28-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:



Enterprise-Contact For Pricing

4. GatherContent

GatherContent is overall an efficient content marketing tool to manage content operations. With the particularly high quality content, it helps users to increase brand awareness and reputation among audiences. 

Have peace of mind with the presently feasible management of content in one place. It also has cloud based content editing having the comments and approvals on the same page. Enhance the content marketing strategy emphatically with multi-channel content production. 

gc Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features : 

  • Create content templates with attractive styles and structures. 
  • It makes a simple way to create content for websites instead of managing google docs, spreadsheets and email.
  • The In-line comments put feedback in its content editor.
  • Publish the up-to-date and accurate content in your content marketing strategy plans.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:




5. StoryChief

Implement your content marketing strategy and increase the sales having the StoryChief as your content marketing tool. Get an easy way to create articles with search engine optimization tactics.

You can attach your summaries to drafts for future use. Besides that, measure the multiple posts per topic and generate more leads through multi-channel marketing. 

sc Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features: 

  • Publish the articles, images or videos to all your channels quickly and easily.
  • Add call-to-actions and forms that are connected to custom banners.
  • Track the content performance among the audiences.
  • Manage your content calendar by collaborating with the team members. 

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:

Team-plan -120$/mo

Agency plan-300$/mo

Custom plan-750$/mo

6. DrumUp 

It is another one of the best content marketing tools for curating, scheduling, and publishing. DrumUp goes through content across the web in real time, and uses its algorithms to recommend the most relevant content suggestions. 

You can link your blog updates to post on your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts and also, add and follow the updates from your favorite feeds. Moreover, monitor your social media presence from a single place.

du Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features: 

  • Add multiple social media accounts to your dashboard and manage their settings.
  • Increase social media posts visibility with smart hashtag recommendations.
  • Get the latest trends and news stories for an industry, or your interest area.
  • It gives you content ideas and assists with content curation.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:

Starter -15$/mo

Pro -39$/mo

Small Business-79$/mo

7. Outgrow

Outgrow believes in increasing the lead generation with interactive content. Its calculators, quizzes, chatbots and recommendations engage customers and result in lead conversions. 

With this content marketing tool, build powerful templates without any coding experience. Also, track visits, conversions and traffic from various channels. You can easily integrate with more than 1000 sales & marketing tools.

og Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features :

  • See records of conversion rates with interactive lead generation forms.
  • Use the specific messages for different results and make your calculators and quizzes more personalized.
  • Easily create and customize questions and options with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Embed your interactive experience inside a popup on your blog or website.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 7-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:

Freelancer Plan 1- 22$/mo

Freelancer Plan 2-45$/mo



8. HubSpot

Content marketers use this software tool to have all-in-one management at one place for marketing, sales, and customer service. It helps users in content management with SEO recommendations, website themes, and Drag-and-Drop Editor.

Customer relationship management can be organized and tracked with contact insights, deals, and tasks in this content marketing tool. Level up your inbound marketing and drive more traffic by creating and optimizing the content. 

hs Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features:

  • Manage the multiple language domains and improve them for SEO. 
  • Analyze your website performance and optimize your content marketing strategy.
  • Create, design and draft email campaigns and automate them.
  • It helps you to write high-quality articles for blogs that help you to engage. 
  • Insert images, format headers, and add links with its on-page editor.

Pricing plans:

The paid plans are mentioned as:



9. Content Insight

When discussing the content marketing tools, Content Insight plays an important role in content auditing. Also, it has advanced integrations with machine learning and dynamic personalization technologies to develop content predictions and prescriptions.

Get a summary of different file types quickly. Also, it can provide you page-level details including images, media, and documents that can save your efforts and time in analyzing the insights. 

ci Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features:

  • Have the custom and deep analysis on a monthly, quarterly, or semiannually basis.
  • Special reports are available to address specific problems or opportunities.
  • Also, you have the option to integrate Google analytics data.
  • Filter and sort the data and export those results.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:





10. Nudge

Content marketers opt for this tool to create better content with actionable insights so that they can optimize their campaigns. You can pick the best performing content, source, partner, or device.

Establish the key performance indicators for the companies and evaluate your competition. Also, identify the performance for areas of improvement for future campaigns through this content marketing tool. 

n Content Marketing Tool

Exciting features :

  • You can share insights with your team members.
  • Adjust budgets based on data for improving the rate of inversion.
  • Activate and set the data for your marketing automation.
  • Operationalize the data among stakeholders.

Pricing plans:

It has flexible pricing based on a simple platform fee. You can use its pricing calculator to estimate your Nudge monthly cost.

11. UpContent

UpContent is another effective content marketing tool for content curation. Its technology analyzes millions of articles every month so that it can discover and bring you the best content options.

This tool has integrations with many of the tools to make it quick and easy for you to share great content with your audience and you can plan the content marketing strategy to finally convert readers with this user-friendly software tool.

Exciting features :

  • Discover articles and content ideas from thousands of publishers.
  • Set the automated rules for hands-free curation, either for every single step or for full flow.
  • Add call-to-action to link curated and original content and drive traffic back to your website. 
  • Sort, read, and set favorites for the most relevant articles in an easy way and automatically send them to your gallery.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:




12. Feedly

Feedly gives you a secure platform for privately organizing and researching the topics and trends of your interest. This content marketing tool will let you manage and read about the publications and blogs concerned with you from a single place.

Set your priorities for the topics, trends, and events with the help of its AI research assistant, Leo. Leo brings the sales team insights to build stronger relationships with your clients.

Exciting features: 

  • Filter out the noise and focus on what really matters with the help of Leo, its research assistant. 
  • Curate and collaborate for key industry insights with your business team.
  • Its “Business Event skill” will let you monitor industry activities such as funding events, partnerships announcements, product launches, leadership change, etc.
  • Have the attention for upcoming cybersecurity threats that are critical for you. 

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:


Pro+ – 8.25$/mo


Enterprise-Contact For Pricing

13. Quuu

Quuu is the content marketing tool that assists you with content ideas, explores for your interest areas and discovers content over 500 interests that matter to you and your audience, and finally connect them with the social media schedulers.

You can either have the full automation or manually approve the suggestions, depending on your choice. Also, you have the option to connect your Quuu account to Hootsuite, HubSpot, SocialBee, Buffer or its own scheduler “SocialChief”. 

Exciting features: 

  • Share the quality content by its automated content curation and engage with the followers on social media. 
  • You can select the category for content creation.
  • Just add the RSS feed, and it will optimize the content for you.
  • Get the trackable clicks for content promoted by Quuu.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 7-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:



14. GhostWriter

It helps businesses to convert the data in actionable strategies for its consistent growth. GhostWriter identifies and analyzes your target market and its key-communication elements to have a better customer experience.

Its artificial intelligence models are made to maximize your marketing and sales. This content marketing tool helps you with data extraction for demographics and psychographics; social conversation analysis; topic and trends detection, intent recognition; and many others. 

Exciting features :

  • Its call center optimization features increase your lead conversions.
  • The help desk optimization makes your customers satisfied with amazing CX support.
  • It helps in identifying the best audience, entering new markets, and reaching new customers.
  • Recommends the content that can be the best fit for your social media followers.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:





15. Sniply

Sniply is another content marketing tool for content curation that also helps in adding custom call-to-action buttons for the links you want to share and drive a conversation with your followers.

You can set the links as a colored box or button with beautiful themes on the web page. Content marketers can also monitor the engagement of their links by tracking link clicks, conversion rates, and many other factors.

Exciting features :

  • You can attach a custom banner image for the visitors of your webpage.
  • Customize the presentation of your links and write your own short links.
  • You can integrate with other platforms also such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible, Zapier, Mailchimp, and many more.
  • Custom analytics software can be integrated with Google Analytics or KISSmetrics.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:





16. ClearVoice

It is one of the best content marketing tools to manage the content marketing strategy of brands, agencies, and freelancers. ClearVoice creates quality content according to your business type and fits your niche.

This tool allows the collaborative workflow by allowing multiple members to create, review, comment, edit, and approve assignments. And you can take a quick view of your latest campaigns, messages, and activities.

Exciting features :

  • Get the automated content and project management system.
  • Search for freelancers in more than 200 categories, view their portfolios, save the favorites, and connect.
  • Create the brand profile with your logo, description, categories, personas, tones, publications and guidelines.
  • You can integrate with WordPress, HubSpot, PayPal and many other platforms.

Pricing plans:

It has tailored pricing and content plans, so you’re not paying for what you don’t need or won’t use. 

17. CoSchedule

Content marketers use the CoSchedule for organizing the content for project management so that they can complete their project on time with the team members having the flexible workflows with more efficiency.

This content marketing tool has a publishing calendar and provides you an easy way to schedule and reschedule the campaigns. You can categorize and prioritize your calendar and also create sub-calendar views. 

Exciting features :

  • Create the best content and optimize it with data-driven practices.
  • Manage your email marketing campaigns too by integrating with your preferred platform.
  • Monitor your team’s daily, weekly, and monthly progress on a cross-functional calendar.
  • Helps users to plan, schedule, publish, automate, and monitor the social activities from a single source.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:

Blog Calendar – 14$/mo

Marketing Calendar – 29$/mo

Marketing Suite – Contact Sales

18. nDash

nDash has a community of the world’s best freelance writers for content creation services. Get the content ideas by building your writing team with its network of more than 10,000 writers and select them in terms of expertise, experience, budget and other criteria that suit you.

You can get a full view of your content operation with the team members through this content marketing tool and streamline content production.

Exciting features :

  • Track assignments, due dates and other information on the dashboard for multiple sites.
  • Manage content with your own team, or develop it with its freelance network.
  • Organize a long-term, content marketing strategy plan though its campaigns and calendars.
  • Connect your account to HubSpot, WordPress, Google Drive and other platforms.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 30-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:



19. Aristory

It is a powerful content writing system that combines the content ideas and notes of content marketers to save plenty of time in writing the big content. 

You can sign in for Airstory in your phone’s browser also and avail the benefits of writing, adding notes, dragging notes onto the page and reviewing someone else’s writing with this content marketing tool. 

Exciting features :

  • Highlight the text you have already written and convert it into a note with a click.
  • Invite your team members before or after you start writing and get notes for your project management work.
  • When you find something interesting on the internet, highlight it and send it directly to your document.
  • Either use its library of templates or make your own in a click. 

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:


20. ContentKing

It is the content marketing tool that helps users in SEO auditing, SEO monitoring, and SEO alerting for their web pages. ContentKing uses a wide array of signals to deliver meaningful insights and tasks.

It believes and works on the fact that search engines constantly crawl and analyze your website’s pages at every moment. Therefore, it brings the content tracking solution to correct the situation before your search engine rankings get lower down.

Exciting features :

  • ContentKing sends you alerts when something goes wrong to resolve that issue.
  • Get an overall view of all your website’s data.
  • Track the changes done by developers, clients and other stakeholders for search engine optimization.
  • You can also integrate with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:





21. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is a rank tracking tool that aggregates the data from all major SEO and search sources like Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, and others to give you beautiful and easy to export reports.

Its ranking data has higher accuracy when tracking keywords locally, and also gives you access to find the location on keyword rankings so that you can find the one that works best for your website.

Exciting features :

  • Easily monitor and optimize your on-page SEO performance with its site audit tool.
  • It provides a great way to discover the impact of your backlinks on your search engine rankings. 
  • Find new keywords by entering a URL, then sort them by segmenting for your campaign.
  • Quickly get the feasible white-labeled reports using its drag-and-drop interface.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 7-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:




22. Clearscope

Clearscope helps the content marketers by understanding them what to write about, providing them content ideas, and helping them with highly relevant content to drive more organic traffic with a shareable and readable content. 

This content marketing tool searches the real-time data to give the most accurate and up-to-date recommendations. Also, you can get free training from a responsive support team.

Exciting features :

  • Type your relevant keyword and it gives you a list of terms that you should include in your content.
  • It has a simple interface for writers with easily understandable content. 

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 7-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:

Clearscope Pro-350$/mo

Agency -Contact For Pricing

23. ContentCal

It is a content marketing tool that helps users in creating, planning and publishing the content. Craft your content in the library of ContentHub according to your social media strategy. 

Content marketers can send interesting articles to the Content Hub Library with Web Clipper. Also, create the templates for social media posts that can be edited, re-used, saved to your calendar.

Exciting features: 

  • Easily find the previous social media posts by searching with category tags and filters.
  • Use the comments and discuss the content ideas with your team members and clients.
  • Draft your creative content and you can use it later for your post.
  • You can connect ContentCal to other applications like Grammarly, Publish Times, and Notebook. 

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:


Company -$47 per month

24. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a great content marketing tool for creating brand awareness by creating high quality content with its content insights. Just type any keyword or domain, and you will get all the relevant and trending articles and information about them. 

This platform constantly crawls the web and social media feeds and helps users to get the most popular content for their niche. Thousands of content marketers use this tool to find all the active feeds in different categories. 

Exciting features: 

  • Combine your keywords with the data of BuzzSumo to create comprehensive content.
  • Compare the trends, performance and engagement from the past 5 years of data.
  • It provides the competitor’s analysis and points to the strategies they are using.
  • Monitor the brand mentions to respond at the right moment.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 7-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:





25. Bitly

Boost the awareness of your content by adding the fully customized links with Bitly. As you get more clicks, you can communicate better with your audience, and hence it increases your brand recognition. 

You can also track engagement metrics for your organic content and get an idea about how well your content is performing. Manage your campaigns with analytics of every link you share across channels. 

Exciting features :

  • Create and share the branded and short links encrypted with HTTPS to guard against third-party tampering.
  • Easily change the destination URL for any short link, including QR Codes and assign a new URL to any of your links.
  • Automate the sending of your branded links or integrate with hundreds of marketing tools you use every day.
  • Its dashboard gives the analysis of metrics like app opens and store visits across every device and channel like Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 7-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:


Customized-Contact For Pricing

26. Rebrandly

It is another link management platform to create, share and track your links using a custom domain name. Shorten the links and increase brand visibility by setting the brand name over every link you share.

With Rebrandly, monitor the links on different platforms of social media, email marketing campaigns, ads and understand the search engine optimization by detailed click statistics. Moreover, get an easy way for bulk SMS project management on Rebrandly.

Exciting features : 

  • Create and download vectorial QR codes from your branded links and also you can set links to auto-expire.
  • You can redirect the users to a specific location in a mobile app or on based on their behavior like language, location, click patterns and more.
  • All your branded links can be exported in a CSV file.
  • Schedule and share tailored analytics reports and also you can add your company logo to the reports you share.

Pricing plans:

The paid plans are mentioned as:

For Individuals –

Free -0$/mo upto 5000 clicks



For teams-


Enterprise -Contact For pricing

27. GetSocial 

It is the content analytics tool for getting visibility over Dark Social Analytics and helps content marketers and publishers to know about how audiences share their content in dark social space across multiple devices.

It is certainly a great tool for increasing your ROI (return on investment) by taking the data-driven decisions. You will get notifications and alerts when your content becomes viral through its virality score.  Besides that, you can also share your best performing content on social channels automatically.

Exciting features: 

  • Automate social media sharing along with identifying the best time and social network to publish your content. 
  • Monitor the social traffic coming from private channels like WhatsApp or email and identify the trends to maximize the engagement. 
  • Track the location or region where your content is sharing and getting results.
  • Customize your short links with your brand’s name to make it clickable.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:





28. Buffer

Buffer is basically a social media management tool for publishing your content and analyzing the campaigns. You will find a great and easy way to queue up the content across different social media platforms and hence increasing your brand awareness.

It is trusted by more than 75,000 companies to share and manage social media posts across multiple social networks. Build your digital marketing plan and collaborate with team members with flexible workflows.

Exciting features: 

  • Create, preview and schedule the social media posts.
  • Plan the content in advance and get future notifications according to your calendar to post them.  
  • You can mention the first comment when you schedule the posts on Instagram.
  • Also, monitor the performance and create its reports for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from a single dashboard.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:

To publish: $15 for pro, $65 for premium, and $99 for business.

To analyze: $35 for pro and $50 for premium.

29. eclincher

It is another effective social media management tool for small and medium businesses; agencies and enterprises for marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, and Youtube.

eclincher supports content creation, scheduling, publishing, social listening, monitoring, reporting, and team collaboration. For having the guide or support,  just connect your social accounts, use the training videos if needed & reach out to its team anytime on live chat.

Exciting features: 

  • Automate the multiple social networks, profiles and pages to manage and schedule posts.
  • Discover posts and blogs from RSS feeds to post the best and relevant content.
  • Select and edit attractive and beautiful images and videos in its library.
  • Monitor using keywords and hashtags to see the activities of different social media platforms. 

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:




30. ContentStudio

It is both a content marketing and social media management tool for sharing the best content with the audiences and having feasible work plannings. ContentStudio also helps users in marketing their content on social networks, blogs, and newsletters. 

It also has a great way for content curation by having around 500 curated topics covering almost every industry and niche. Just select the topics of your interest and see related articles in your daily feed. You can choose the best ones for your business.

Exciting features: 

  • Discover the top performing articles by searching for popular topics, domains, or keywords.
  • Also automate social media scheduling and set your own posting interval for each campaign on multiple social media platforms. 
  • Track the reach, total engagement, audience growth, top-performing posts, and many other factors through social media analytics.
  • Get the notifications instantly for comments and messages in your email, browser and mobile device.

Pricing plans:

A free trial of 14-days is available. And the paid plans are mentioned as:






You have seen that there are so many interesting content marketing tools to help you out. But the important thing is to identify the key factors and requirements for your digital marketing strategy and having consistent brand growth. 

So, startups, businesses, or agencies can ensure their success with the right and suitable tool and maximize their content-engagement.