Content Marketing – Ultimate guide of 2022

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Written by Manvendra Singh

On April 5, 2022

 India is considered to be the second-largest online market in the world with 462 billion users. This count will increase in the coming years and reach 850 billion users.

Isn’t it amazing!

There is almost an 85% hike in the number of users, therefore here are some implications that every content marketer should consider.

As per the above analysis, it is predicted that online users will keep on increasing. At the same time sharing the right content at the right time with the right users will be helpful for content marketers.

Similarly, here in this article let us understand What is Content Marketing and its ultimate guide. Before that let us understand what Content Marketing is in detail.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is generating, optimizing, and sharing some relevant and consistent content to the viewers. Content writing is majorly used to attract your target audience and drive profitable customer actions.

Content Marketing or Content Management is the most important part of Digital Marketing. 

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But you must be having a question here, like what is the importance of Content marketing?

So let us understand content marketing in detail.

Importance of Content Marketing

  • Every single Digital Marketing strategy starts and ends with Content.
  • Get a good ROI (Return on investment) on posting consistent content.
  • Great content plays an important role in good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Compared to the other types of marketing, content marketing is cost-effective.
  • You will find good buyers for valuable content.
  • Content Marketing helps to build trust with your visitors.
  • Get a profound understanding of your customers.

Benefits of consistent and high-quality content

  • Your target audience will stick around.
  • You will have traction on social media.
  • You will find a trusted target audience.
  • You can find more and better leads.
  • Original content can improve the conversion rate.
  • You will be visible on Search engine pages.
  • You can maintain authority with consistent and good content.

Types of content marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

With billions of active users consistently, social media might be a vital tool in your substance showcasing armory. The fundamental advantage of web-based entertainment is an immediate commitment to your crowd. It’s an ongoing criticism circle to assist you with understanding what your crowd thinks often about and to have direct discussions with them to dig further.

For specific brands,  social media marketing can likewise be utilized to direct your crowd to deals, advancements, and occasions. Furthermore, social media marketing gives you an immediate way to convey your substance to your crowd, and to communicate your image character all the while.

  • Blogs Writing

Every website has one common section in it, which is the blogs section.

Writing blogs is an exceptional way to build the brand and increase traffic to your website. A well-organized blog strategy keeps you focused on keywords and topics your target audience wants to know about.

Optimized high quality and consistent blogs can also perform well on search engines, this will give a boost to SEO.

  • Podcast

Podcasting is turning into an undeniably compelling type of content promoting and brand building. Probably its greatest benefit is that it permits you to offer long-structure, high-esteem data without contributing an over-the-top measure of time or exertion. It permits you to impart your mastery and stories to your crowd straightforwardly. It assists you to fabricate associations with your possible clients by interfacing with them on a more private level.

One more significant advantage of podcasting is that they are versatile.

  • Video Marketing

Video plays a versatile role in content marketing, as people prefer watching visuals more than reading content. Video marketing is a process to use videos for promotong or branding your market or a product.

Video is valuable for more than amusement, as well. Video on presentation pages is equipped for expanding transformation rates by more than 80%, and the simple notice of “video” in your email title increments open rates by 19%. 90% of clients likewise say recordings assist them with settling on purchasing choices.

In any case, video hasn’t just changed how organizations market and purchasers shop; it’s additionally altered the way in which salesmen associate with and convert prospects and how administration groups backing and joy clients. To put it plainly, video is unimaginably helpful all through the whole flywheel – not simply to elevate brand mindfulness.

25 content marketing facts for 2022

  1. 46% of businesses reported they want to increase their creations spending in 2022.
  2. Only 42% of marketers believe that they are effective in content marketing.
  3. There are 60% of marketers that are creating at least a single piece of content every day.
  4. Social Media Engagement rate according to the marketers:
    1. 72% of customer engagement.
    2. 48% of lead generation.
    3. 59% of online traffic.
  5. Content Marketing is helpful:
    1. Increasing brand awareness – 70%
    2. Engaging new target audience – 65%
    3. Lead generation – 43%
    4. Target audience attraction & retention – 58%
  6. Posting 15 or more blogs in a month can help you to receive 5 times more traffic.
  7. 65% of content creators find it difficult to produce engaging content.
  8. 94% of content marketers are using social media as a distribution channel for their content.
  9. Most of the agencies create blog posts and social media content for their content marketing clients.
  10. 84% of organizations have a content marketing strategy.
  11. It is believed that 3 out of 4 B2C marketer’s content marketing is successful.
  12. Above 70% of the web-searches are for long-tail keywords
  13. There are above 78% of internet users who prefer reading blogs.
  14. 79% of B2B marketers are having content marketing strategies.
  15. Above 94% of B2B contents have zero external backlinks.
  16. More than 82% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing.
  17. 60% of B2B companies prefer investing in content marketing strategies.
  18. 82% of business or marketers assures that content is one of the core business strategies.
  19. 51% of content consumption derives from organic search.
  20. As per the recent analysis, 24% of marketers plan on increasing their content marketing programs.
  21. Only 22% of marketers use backlinks.
  22. The 3 major goals of content marketing are building customer relationships, boosting sales, and improving brand awareness.
  23. There are only 6% of marketers who don’t plan to develop content marketing strategies.
  24. Most businesses prefer outsourcing the content part.
  25. The top content submission channels are social media, articles, newsletters, blogs, websites, emails.