How Facebook Is Still A Major Brand Building Platform For India

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Written by Manvendra Singh

On April 3, 2022

India has almost 239.65 million Facebook members, making it the largest country in terms of Facebook audience size. With this, India currently has the most active Facebook users. As a result, brands in India have started utilizing paid and free Facebook scheduling tools to make sure they reach out to all of their target audience.

But what is the reason for Facebook’s popularity in India? And how is it beneficial to the brands that are marketing?

Facebook’s Popularity – Reasons Explored

Facebook made it much easier to market the good life. This was especially significant for an outward-looking generation that used social media to display their identities and accomplishments. Its feel-good feeds encouraged people to show off their ideal lives. 

The new automobile, the beloved dog, and the adorable infants in the house all became means to meet the broader desire for adoration. Appreciation encouraged such behavior until it became an addiction for many people. The rise of Facebook’s user base was connected with the fast and parabolic emergence of smartphones with their low-cost yet stylish cameras. 

The conclusion of the Nokia era was marked by an explosion of low-cost choices with ever-increasing functionality. Users were able to access Facebook more easily with Android phones. It was no longer necessary to return home from work or class to use it. Instead, it might be done in the middle of a workday or during a lecture. 

The average age of Indians in the tech-savvy group of 18 to 24 years has aided Facebook’s popularity growth. As a result, Facebook quickly became an obsession for everyone sharing every part of one’s life with the rest of the world.

Users can not only post comments and images on Facebook, but they can also browse their local news feeds, produce live streams, arrange an event, send messages to friends, ask for suggestions, and purchase or sell products. As a result, Facebook also has a larger readership than most other social media platforms.

Why Brands Favour Facebook For Marketing Their Products

  • Facebook Marketing Is a Low-Cost Method

Marketing activities that would cost thousands of dollars through other channels may be done at a fraction of the price on Facebook. As a consequence, it is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that have limited marketing resources. Larger organizations may also use Facebook to test marketing concepts and themes before committing to more extensive campaigns.

  • Provide Basic Information About Your Company

Your Facebook profile is where you may publicize your company’s name, address, and contact information and briefly describe your products and services. You may also discuss your staff, the history of your organization, or any other aspect of your business that is likely to stimulate the interest of other Facebook users.

  • Share Images and Videos From Your Company

In addition to writing, Facebook allows you to contribute images and videos from your company. This may be a practical approach to interacting with clients and potential customers since it will enable them to view your product or service without visiting your location.

  • Speak With Current and Prospective Consumers

You can ‘speak’ to current and prospective clients on Facebook by sending and receiving messages. However, you should not use Facebook to market your products or services aggressively. You’ll have far more success if you offer information about your company that other people will find helpful or interesting. By establishing long-term relationships with other users, you boost your credibility and promote your business. Attention to the market’s thoughts about your company, industry, product, or marketing campaign can give helpful information.

  • Increase Brand Recognition and Favourable Word-Of-Mouth

You may boost your company’s Facebook presence by encouraging current and prospective customers to ‘Like’ your Facebook page. When your clients like your page, they will receive your updates on their wall, where their friends will also view them. This helps raise awareness of your company while also associating your friends with your brand. Customers may also publish good words about your products or services on their social media pages for all of their friends to see.

  • Facebook May Direct Visitors to Your Website

On your Facebook profile, you may post a link to your website. Indeed, many businesses claim that the most significant advantage of Facebook is the increased traffic it directs to their website. Visitors to the website may be exposed to more vital marketing messages and, in some cases, the possibility of purchasing products and services. In addition, customers who visit your website via Facebook are more likely to be responsive than average visitors since they already know something about your company and are encouraged to click the website link.

  • Advertising That Is Targeted

Facebook can analyze millions of users’ data submitted to their profiles. You may pay to utilize this information as the owner of a company page to offer targeted advertising to a specified group. For example, an outdoor store may use Facebook to determine how many males over a given age in a specific city have selected ‘fishing’ as a hobby. Then they could create an ad for new fishing lures and pay for them to display exclusively on those people’s sites.

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