How to build your social media marketing strategy

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Written by Manvendra Singh

On November 1, 2019

We’re fast approaching 2020, which also means yet another year of conversations, interactions and connections on the social media. The vast majority that has already built their tribe on social media know how exciting it is to be so close to those who matter and yet generate leads, close sales and drive promotions on the social media circuit. And if you are one of those who are yet to crack the code, this one’s for you. Our previous blog was all about the what, why, when and where of building a social media marketing strategy. Moving on, we now take you to the bigger details. We cover the elements that can make or break your social media marketing strategy.

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Set SMART goals

By SMART, we mean Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely goals. So you could have a figure in mind to decide the number of posts, and the number of likes, shares and comments you expect. You may also want to closely monitor how your posts are affecting the number of followers.

Get a social media audit

It’s important to understand where you stand currently to decide where you want to go. How many current active social networks you have and which ones are absolutely necessary? It’s pointless being on every channel and diluting your presence. You would rather be on a few good ones and maximize it for effect and impact. Social media marketers continue to highlight the importance of being on the most prominent ones to ensure an efficient social media marketing strategy. According to a survey, more than half the respondents confessed using YouTube (54%), LinkedIn (58%), Twitter (59%), Instagram (73%) and Facebook (94%).

Zero in on ideal customer demographics

Age, gender, location, income, interests and pain points that you think your products or services can address are good starting points. Knowing your customer will help you devise a better social media strategy. Get talking, ask questions, do research, see what they are looking for.

Do your homework

Whether you are choosing Facebook or Instagram or both, it is important to understand how these social media networks work. For example, Facebook page videos generate 16% more engagement per post as compared to images, while photos showing faces get 38% more likes than those without faces. Similarly, photos show greater engagement than videos when it comes to Instagram. These statistics go a long way in not just choosing your preferred social media platform but also deciding on what content to use for audience engagement.

Keep your content visual-rich

Visual content has always had a huge appeal. There are quite a few brands that champion all things visual. An addition of a simple visual always drives your point home. Visuals are a powerful tool and our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Infographics can never go wrong

Infographics are more powerful than you would imagine. They are striking, useful, shareable and a clever way to make a point. Ryzely offers a bunch of tools to help you clock the miles faster on your social media journey. Browse through our templates and see what we can do to help.

Emotional branding is the key

Half your work is done when you tie your brand with a powerful emotion. It not only helps make your brand more personal but also enhances the recall value. Look at what TOMS, the footwear retailer is doing to link their product with a charitable cause.

Emotional imagery, words that evoke strong emotions and graphics that never digress from the core message together make for a compelling message. While doing so, it changes the perception about TOMS from being just a footwear brand to one that feels strongly about the society at large.

If you are new to this aspect of branding, you can start off with simple quotes that resonate with your brand ethos. It’s easy to evoke emotions as long as your effort is earnest and your initiative sincere.

Content should offer value

Going on and on about your product is not going to help. Yes, it is your social media account after all and you don’t have to shy away from promoting your products. But you should aim to become a paragon of authority by sharing content that’s valuable, useful and in line with what you offer. Classic case in point- Lululemon, the athletic wear brand that shares not just products but also meditation tips, yoga routines and other related stuff.

Have a kick-ass call-to-action

No matter what you are sharing, it should always boil down to very convincing call-to-actions. Once you get this right, you can prepare yourself for a deluge of enquiries and conversions. You can look at other brands for inspiration. Look at Netflix for instance. The free trial offer never misses the point. Talk about simple, engaging copy.

nf social media marketing strategy
Image Source: Netflix

From free trial to the convenience of watching from wherever you are to cancelling your subscription whenever you want, the message is loud and clear. This helps build confidence and entices viewers to take action immediately,

Another hard hitting call-to-action comes from none other than WWF. The ‘Donate’ and ‘Adopt’ are hard to miss. Whether you are donating or adopting, you are still making a meaningful contribution to the cause.

wwf social media marketing strategy
Image Source: WWF

The key is to break the clutter and yet add value without even once deviating from your core expertise and offerings.

Then there’s Nike that is extremely aggressive yet immensely motivational. Right from its tagline- ‘Just do it’, Nike is in no mood to let you succumb to circumstances and always urges you to take action.

Connect, connect and connect

Consumer conversations are extremely critical for your social media success. While not too long ago, brands would prefer posting and then stepping away a bit to allow for consumer interaction, the trend is changing in a big way now. Brands are choosing to be in the midst of conversation, driving it and also learning from it. They talk, ask for opinions, encourage users to participate and urge them to use their product. Look at Dove’s Self-Esteem project. The impact is huge and the experience? Intimate and personal.

As Emma Williamson, L’Oréal’s manager for Consumer Affairs and Social Media for the Australia and New Zealand region puts it while explaining how L’Oréal approaches social and social media engagement, “Our vision for our brands on social is to have a conversation with the consumer, we want to entertain them with stories and content that’s the right piece at the right time, and that’s also meaningful to drive conversion.”

Be where your customers are

We cannot iterate enough the importance of being where your customers are. Significance of platforms will vary as per age, region and what you offer. LinkedIn has grown its members from 575 million last year to 645 million as per Microsoft’s latest report which also confirmed a rise in LinkedIn revenue by 25%. So if you haven’t been considering LinkedIn as one of the primary platforms, it’s time you shifted focus in 2020.

Consistency matters

There has to be consistency in everything; not just in the frequency with which you post but also in the message you convey and the imagery you use. We’re not asking you to repeat the same thing. That’s going to be monotonous. But we urge you to have a common thread of thought while evoking emotions or inspiring action. While playing with creatives and ideas and adding more personality to your brand, ensure that you use the same version of your logo. And never ever undermine the importance of having brand guidelines. Having a rulebook helps tide over messy branding issues.

Is your investment paying off?

While 13% of marketers’ overall budgets can be attributed to social media, brands still grapple with the one challenge of measuring their social media ROI. Brand sentiment is what really matters; and while television advertising continues to play an important role in driving demand, social media helps build relevance and rapport. It has the reach as well as the tools. Platforms such as Ryzely help you understand social media metrics and make the most of them in brand tracking.

In closing

Social media is never going to be a ‘one size fits all’ kind of a solution and that’s also the beauty of it. It keeps the mundane at bay and comes as a breath of fresh air in a highly crowded marketplace. While it requires a good amount of research and understanding of consumer behavior, it has all that is needed to deliver across the entire customer and brand journey. As your partner in social media success, we promise to make it a lot more fun and exciting.

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