Marketing On Twitter – How Brands Can Utilise It Well! 

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Written by Manvendra Singh

On April 11, 2022

Marketing has never been easier than now in 2022. Social media has made it possible for every company to reach out to their audience, especially with a good social media post scheduling tool. But the challenges still remain for B2B companies as most interactions on social media are B2C.

Fortunately, there are ways that B2B companies can utilize social media to ensure they reach their target audience and interact with them.

B2B Marketing On Twitter – What Is It Like!

Twitter has evolved as a medium for both B2B and direct-to-consumer marketers aiming to creatively and effectively exhibit products and services, with over 139 million active daily users and available in over 40 languages. In addition, Twitter has maintained a constant pace of new feature rollouts over the last few years, allowing it to make significant advances as a social media platform for consumers and more professional business users than ever before.

It’s also become a destination for companies of all sizes, and Twitter users want an experience distinct from what LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have to offer. Since Twitter has introduced so many new tools for marketers to increase their engagement on the platform, such as six-second viewable video advertisements, let’s look at how 3 major, essentially B2B organizations utilize them to interact with audiences.

  • Adobe: Adobe has utilized Twitter creatively to communicate with its fan base, employing a wide range of message post kinds, including several that make unique use of video. Whether it’s a tweet commemorating a worldwide event with over 100 events in more than 40 countries focused on interaction design’s power to enhance the human condition, or a tweet looking ahead 10 years to the future of advertising, Adobe maintains its Twitter feed as both fun and current.
  • General Electric: A recent tweet by GE uses native video to showcase a business report about its GE Additive program and a garment made entirely from 21 plastic petals and a titanium cage, tying 3D printing to one of New York’s premier fashion events. GE recently used playful animated GIF pictures and brief video snippets as part of a staff social media takeover drive. This time-tested approach has proved successful for both B2B and B2C enterprises.
  • Intel: From a tweet announcing an immersive highlights partnership with English Premier League Champions Manchester City to video-rich content featuring artificial intelligence (AI) innovations from the company’s presence at the technology conference IFA or its 2020 Tokyo Olympics partnerships for real-time athlete insights, Intel kept its Twitter feed filled with news delivered in the platform’s unique format.

Advantages Of Using Twitter For Marketing

  • Every second, Twitter receives 6,000 Tweets. This demonstrates how actively people use it as a dialogue platform. These interactions may also be a significant source of customer insights for organizations. Twitter can help you explore trends and issues that are important to your audience to contact them more effectively.
  • One of the most essential advantages of Twitter for business is that it allows you to swiftly distribute information and initiate discussions with your target audience. As a result, your audience will find your Tweets and helpful material and, ideally, will share it with their followers. You can use an effective free Tweets scheduler to ensure the timely delivery of your message.
  • Engaging with your audience’s comments and mentions also increases your chances of appearing in non-followers feeds. These acts assist you in increasing exposure and brand recognition, proving to be a significant benefit of Twitter.
  • Customers may easily reach out to companies on Twitter to share comments or request assistance. Brands may therefore take use of this chance to collect critical input to enhance their goods and provide the service their consumers require.
  • One of the most critical advantages of Twitter for business is the ability to build a brand community and pull people together around a shared interest or cause. Brands may utilize the platform to initiate and participate in meaningful conversations, interact with their community, and grow a devoted following.

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