Overcoming top 7 social media challenges to get it right

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Written by Manvendra Singh

On November 18, 2019

There must be a reason why some people manage to get a humungous number of followers on social media while some continue to miss the mark taking respite in the miniscule number of likes and followers.  Priyanka Chopra’s pooch Diana too has 109K followers. There are supposedly 2.307 billion active social media users worldwide and most brands and people are unable to reach even a tiny percentage of this active world of netizens who are perpetually hooked on to their social accounts. There are numerous such social media challenges.

Say what you want but it hurts to not have it all figured out. “What is it that I am not doing?” is a question that haunts and daunts most people. Having been around for a while playing by the rules and bending them often as required, Ryzely has put together a bunch of things that should help you tide over some of the most common social media challenges.

Here we go!

1. Connecting on a deeper level

The key to mitigate social media challenges is to build your tribe. Go all out to connect with your audience. Talk to them; know what it feels like to be using your products/services by stepping into their shoes. Build a community of patrons via groups where you can connect and strike a dialogue. Mere advice won’t work. It’s easy to talk but that’s what most brands do. Are you willing to go that extra mile? Sites like inbound.org are making a world of difference to its users and helping them stay connected and engage with like-minded people.

Of course, you can count on social media platforms such as Ryzely that come with unlimited potential. Add unlimited users, send out unlimited posts and monitor response. You can ask questions, connect with influencers, comment on posts and offer insights.

2. Having a plan

The one thing we have been harping on incessantly is about having a social media marketing strategy or a plan. Ask yourself questions- Why am I here?, How am I going to get to my goals, what specific channels should I be considering, how much do I need to set aside as paid advertising budget. Also, have the right metrics in place to measure your success. It would be a good idea to map your journey weekwise or monthwise. Have a clear roadmap with respect to your daily activities. We also recommend you do a social media audit. Ryzely helps you with all your small and big monitoring needs. The rationale is to do regular monitoring by way of analytics and performance.

3. Curating catchy content

The content should have a certain amount of stickiness. You would want to look at what Oreo does. The iconic cookie’s delicious wonderfilled campaign had all the right ingredients to keep the audiences engaged. Through crisp 30 second video clips, it showed the word delightful ways to enjoy an Oreo than just dunking it in a glass of cold milk. There are cool apps to make videos and cooler platforms like Ryzely to share them in a jiffy, as often and as many as you’d like. YouTube videos, graphics, slogans, polls & opinions are all good ways of engaging your tribe. Explore.

4. Choosing the right channel

In an overwhelming number of options available, it comes as no surprise that brands are always confused on picking those to build their presence on. You need to understand your audience too and what excites them. A survey by Pew Research Center revealed that the number of American adults using YouTube online had climbed to 73% while Facebook usage stood at 73%. Snapchat and Instagram were more popular in the age group of 18-24 though use of YouTube spiked in this age group too to a whopping 94%.

Red Bull certainly knows its tribe well providing them just the type of content it is thirsty for. Adventure enthusiasts, rappers and all those who love that adrenaline rush vouch for the brand. The RedBullTV for instance is a classic example of how it manages to get its consumers pumped up about their product. The key is to make your content relevant.

5. Driving reach

No matter how big your brand is, it is important to monitor audience engagement to reduce social media challenges. Social media managers are struggling to deal with the drop in organic reach, but truth be told – it’s never easy. The audience is inundated with content and a deluge of posts is not easy to deal with. Instagram statistics suggest the networking platform currently has about 2m monthly advertisers and 1 bn monthly active users. It is also the second most engaged network after Facebook with 60% users logging in every day.

So if you are unable to make progress in increasing the organic reach you should consider paid advertising. You need to look into audience insights of relevant channels to understand your audience better and accordingly create their persona. You can then decide on a social media spend and create highly-targeted ads that strike a chord with users and level up your engagement. ROI is important and whether you want it or not, you will have to do some serious number crunching after proper monitoring and analysis.

Says SmartBuyGlasses Social Media Coordinator Daniele Milani, “While social media platforms make it easy to track paid social activities, like advertisements or boosted posts, it is very hard to measure the organic ROI (return on investments) of our posts. We overcame this by trying to simplify as much as possible, such as getting the bigger picture of some metrics such as traffic to the website. Then, if we notice a trend or a peak or something unexpected, we go into it on a more detailed level.”

6. Deciding the frequency of posts

How often you should post is yet another consideration. While those like The Next Web can easily post 30 – 40 times a day on Facebook, it is important to understand that what they put out there is high quality content. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you choose quality over quantity ensuring that every post is genuine and offers value. While most would advise the ‘two posts a day’ rule especially for Facebook marketing, this usually works well for those with at least 10,000 followers. If you have a few hundred followers or more, two posts a day can in fact reduce your engagement. As per Facebook Engineering Manager Lars Backstrom, Facebook prioritizes an average of 300 stories out of 1,500 stories to show each day. The key is to understand these algorithms well.

7. Reaching out to a greater audience

Every contact on your list is a potential promoter if they are willing to share your posts or spread a word about your business. Create content that’s shareable, that has emotional appeal and brings value to users. You must also consider partnering with influencers to reach out to larger numbers. As per Business Insider Intelligence, brands are likely to spend up to $15 billion by 2022 on influencer marketing globally. Louis Vuitton regularly sends celebrities and influencers to fashion events all dressed in their best ensembles and growing its community with such initiatives. Ryzely is the answer to all your social media management woes. For more interesting info and cool ways to post and manage content, subscribe today.