Top SEO Tools for Small Businesses

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Written by Manvendra Singh

On August 13, 2020

What SEO can do for you?

Through search engine optimization (SEO tools), you or your business can rank higher in Google or any search engine and ultimately drives more and more organic traffic to your website. 

In digital marketing, SEO plays a significant role in gaining higher visibility for your brand. Therefore, it will be favorable for businesses if they plan their strategy with the help of SEO tools, that are listed and described here for your convenience. 

You can generate and increase the leads and sales through the following categories of SEO software tools:

  • Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Website Analysis Tools
  • Backlink Tracking tools
  • Domain Authority or Domain Ranking Checking Tools
  • Keyword Analysis Tools
  • Content Optimizer Tools
  • Website Design Tools

Consider and inspect them to get benefited in your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Tools

1. Ryzely

Ryzely is a social media management platform where you can have a hassle-free scheduling experience across multiple social media platforms. Whether you have a small business or a well established one, it will be the perfect fit for managing your social accounts. 

In this platform, along with exciting scheduling features, you can also get the analytics for your content posted and scheduled both. Ryzely will automate your social media marketing so that you can also focus on other important needs of your business.

ryzely SEO Tools

Top features: 

  • You can add unlimited team members and give them access according to you. 
  • Schedule social media posts for as long as you want.
  • The shortening of URLs is available to make it look nice and readable. 
  • You can multi-compose on multiple networks at the same time.
  • A pocket-friendly budget for all your brands and businesses.

Pricing plans:

There is a free plan. And the paid plans are listed as: 

Free: $0/mo (upto 100 posts)

Tanzanite : $5/mo (inclusive of 14-day trial)

Red Beryl : $9/mo (inclusive of 14-day trial)

Musgravite: $19/mo (inclusive of 14-day trial)

2. Socialweaver

This is another tool that can make the marketing of any brand easy. Just compose the posts and tailor the content for each network. Then a quick preview is available on every platform when you adjust the length, URLs, and hashtags.

It helps you with social media management and engagement with followers on social networks. Just respond to messages, comments, and mentions in one place and increase your brand reputation.

sw SEO Tools

Top features: 

  • Management of social accounts can be done by the automation of posting schedules by category.
  • Monitor and discover good and bad performing posts on social channels.
  • Its content curation provides you high-quality content from thousands of sources.
  • You can save the best performing posts to your content library and organize it by categories so that it will be easy to track, schedule, and reuse.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 



Professional -49$/mo

3. Planable

Manage your social media campaigns with Planable as your management platform. Create content for multiple social platforms, plan and schedule your posts by drag and drop in your predefined time slots.

You can visualize the content by week or month and preview them at a glance. Also, customize the posts and view them in any format, whether it’s text, video, gif, link, photo, or album. And have the flexibility in setting the approvals. 

planable SEO Tools

Top features :

  • Have an easy collaboration with your team members and clients.
  • Take the feedback for the post by tagging team members and sending them notifications.
  • Instead of publishing or scheduling the posts, you can also save them as a draft on Facebook.
  • You can filter your content per type, period or labels and find what you are looking for instantly.

Pricing plans:

The paid plans are listed as: 


Premium- 83$/mo

Enterprise- Contact for Pricing

4. Zoho Social

It is another social media management tool for scheduling and monitoring your brand marketing. Publish your posts when your audience is most active by choosing from its best time predictions. Or, you can create your own time slots for scheduling.

It will let you visualize the publishing calendar and organize your posts the way you want. Social listening will help you in responding in real time to engage with your audience. Just understand the audience and how they engage with you on social media. 

zs SEO Tools

Top features: 

  • The spreadsheet is available to create as many social media posts as you want to schedule.
  • You can create columns to track reviews, keywords, or mentions. 
  • Assign specific roles for your colleagues or teammates. 
  • Discover the location of your followers, the type of content they like, what your connections are talking about you, and other metrics to measure the performance of a brand.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 15-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

Standard – $15/mo

Professional – $35/mo

Agency – $275/mo

Agency plus – $400/mo

Website Analysis Tools

5. SEOptimer

Website analysis can be done easily with this SEO tool. Search engine rankings rely on many factors for websites. SEOptimer is a website SEO software checker which reviews and helps to identify problems that can be a hindrance for your site.

If you are a small business owner, it can help you to improve and promote your website without the high cost of agencies. SEO crawls your whole site for problems and recommends easy and simple tasks with guides for your website type. 

sp SEO Tools

Top features: 

  • Generate pdf SEO audits quickly. Simply upload your logo, add company details and adjust the styling of your brand. 
  • White Label SEO reports are available in different languages like French, Spanish and German.
  • Get notified of new leads and their details directly through emails. 
  • In addition, get other SEO software tools also like Meta Tag Generator, Keyword Generator, Robots.txt Generator, .htaccess File Generator, and XML Sitemap Generator.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

Diyseo -19$/mo

White Label -29$/mo

White Label and Embedding -59$/mo

6. Sitechecker

It is another website analysis tool for Onpage SEO checking. Examine the entire website and optimize your entire website performance. Find and fix the technical errors of your site. 

You can check all important meta tags for all URLs. Also, examine the other elements like h1, meta titles, canonicals, robots tags, and content length. Verify the external or internal links of every URL. Perform the same actions for anchors. Moreover, check internal links for Http status codes and their relevance for a particular page. 

sc SEO Tools

Top features: 

  • Visualize the structure and test the speed of the website.
  • You can track the changes in content strategy and events by using URLs to assess the history of the website and evaluate the chosen content strategy.
  • Do a comprehensive technical SEO audit for both specific pages and a whole website.
  • Monitor accessibility of websites and helps businesses to prevent hackers’ attacks.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 7-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

Lite -9$/mo

Growing -69$/mo

Startup -29$/mo

7. SiteGuru

Do the improvements in search engine optimization by scanning your website through this SEO tool. SiteGuru will check your page titles and meta descriptions, find slow pages with its page speed checker, detect all pages for missing headings and verify images for missing alt tags.

Also, you can check the site issues like www and non-www variants, the 404 message of your error pages, check if there is a sitemap.xml, and find duplicate content. Optimize your site structure by finding internal and external broken links.

sg SEO Tools

Top features:  

  • Find indexing issues caused by robots.txt or no-index headings and see which pages are not linked to the rest of your site.
  • Export all results to CSV and give your customers and colleagues access to the reports.
  • Get reminders when your SSL certificate is about to expire.
  • Receive the alerts when something changes on your website. 

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 15-days. And paid plans are listed as: 




8. JetOctopus

It is one of the most efficient Saas crawlers and log analyzers. JetOctopus gives you a big picture of problems at your website in charts to let you simply prioritize your onpage optimization.

You can click each issue and identify the problems list by category and then get a list of corresponding URLs with multiple filters and export options through this SEO tool. It creates segments, compares crawls, monitors live logs, and draws unexpected insights to find new SEO opportunities for small businesses.

jo SEO Tools

Top features :

  • Watch each of your SEO experiments within bot’s perception, impressions/clicks, SEO visits of end-users.
  • Control the health of your site by just watching several charts. 
  • No extra fee for Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration.
  • Have the client’s data like impressions, low page speed, and  CTR Hreflangs.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

GSC Keywords-35$/mo


Log analyzer-55$/mo

All Inclusive-89$/mo

9. Netpeak Software

The webmasters can remove their obstacles through this SEO tool. They can have an In-depth SEO analysis of the website with link building also. Analyze the promotional marketing strategy of your competitors and plan yours accordingly. 

It has two software tools:

  1. Netpeak Spider: This is a desktop tool for a day-to-day SEO audit, issue checking, comprehensive analysis, and website scraping.
  2. Netpeak Checker: This is for SERP scraping and data aggregation from top SEO services to analyze and compare websites in bulk.
ns SEO Tools

Top features: 

  • Сompare a large number of URLs using more than 400 parameters.
  • Have quick contacts scraping for phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • It helps businesses to evaluate the website’s quality for link building.
  • Backlink checker will analyze profiles of your website or competitors’ websites.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 7-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

  • Netpeak Spider:



Premium -99$/mo

  • Netpeak Checker:



Backlink Tracking tools

10. Morning Score

Morning Score is an easy-to-use SEO tool that helps businesses to get higher search engine rankings on Google. Its backlink tracking tool will give you a “link rank” which will determine how many strong links are pointing to your site so that you can compare with other websites all over the world.  

Through this SEO software tool, you can also check the ranking of specific keywords. Its keyword research will get you relevant data such as searches per month, rank on Google, amount of traffic, and CPC (Cost per click).

ms SEO Tools

Top features : 

  • Small businesses will be benefitted by tracking the onpage SEO performance with its Google guidelines SEO health checker.
  • Identification and monitoring of organic traffic from Google can be done about you and your competitors.
  • Its analytics and missions will give you relevant suggestions that can be added to your current missions. 
  • Ease your workflow by getting easy, simple and beautiful reports for monitoring with clients. 

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

Lite – USD 49 /mo

Business – USD 79 /mo

Pro – USD 149 /mo

11. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools that will let you quickly see changes in organic and paid traffic metrics and track the authority score of your and your competitors’ domains so that you can have full domain analytics.

In this SEO software tool, backlink tracking will give you analytics,  and you can check the backlink type and its geolocation. And inside a project, you will find 12 tools to manage SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing activities related to one specific website.

Top features: 

  • Analyze сompetitor’s ad budgets and keywords. Monitor ad copy and landing pages.
  • Conduct a deep link analysis by understanding referring domains’ authority and check the types of backlinks.
  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns and get phrase matches and related keywords.
  • Get the information about any company’s website traffic and online performance and monitor their marketing activities and strategies.

Pricing plans:

The paid plans are listed as: 




12. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is an SEO software tool designed to satisfy your specific needs and preferences. Tracking of backlinks status and its SEO statistics and metrics can be done easily. Improve rank from all of the analytics data. Create custom graphs made from the settings and design you want. 

Also, you can set custom parameters for your SEO metrics like rank or visibility and weigh them according to your SEO outlook. Combine multiple sets of data such as rank, traffic and PPC for unique graphs with exclusive analysis. 

Top features: 

  • Find the landing pages that appear in search engine results and know about highly ranked content keywords.
  • Analyze the authority of content with search rank distribution, social shares, backlinks and traffic.
  • Track rank for both mobile and desktop from anywhere in the world. 
  • The link distribution reports provide a graphical presentation of link status, pagerank distribution and geo location of links.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 




13. SE Ranking

SE ranking can solve all the problems faced by small businesses in search engine optimization. With its backlink checker and backlink monitoring tools, you can get a complete list of backlinks from multiple sites along with their SEO parameter analysis.

Also, onpage and offpage both ways your website can be analyzed. By monitoring the search competitors, learn about keywords in the PPC ad and organic SEO campaigns.

Top features : 

  • Track the rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube. And monitor Google SERP features, Maps results, and Ads positions for various locations and devices.
  • Find the top keywords and add them to the content to enhance search visibility.
  • Take full control of the off-site optimization factors and backlinks.
  • This SEO tool provides a marketing strategy for all users. 

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 




14. Monitorbacklinks

It is one of the best SEO software tools for monitoring backlinks. Get important insights about your SEO campaign, and check the good and bad backlinks for you and your competition.

Grow the traffic to your website by building great links. Know the relevant, high-quality sites that you can contact for outreach and link building. The Dashboard gives you all the information you are finding in one place.

Top features: 

  • Stay updated when you get new links pointing to your site. And also find negative SEO through disavowing bad links.
  • Know how you are ranking on Google for valuable keywords. See the changes and how they are affected by your backlink changes.
  • See your competitors’ keywords and backlinks and use it to improve your strategy.
  • Get the simple spreadsheets for your workflow. You can import from all major sources like Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, and Google Webmaster Tools.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 30-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

Start -25$/mo

Plus -47.40$/mo

Professional -89.91$/mo



Plan10D4C -187.42$/mo

PlanCustom-Contact For Pricing

Domain Authority or Domain Ranking Checking Tools

15. Moz

This tool provides great solutions for Search Engine Optimization to rank your website or platform higher and ultimately driving more and more traffic to your website.It is one of the best Domain Authority Checker SEO tools.

Moz is the data source that gives you real insights into link equity. Manage, and create keyword lists in one place. Categorize, prioritize, and compare keywords and phrases to manage your keyword and content strategy. 

Top features: 

  • It crawls your site on, uncovers technical SEO issues, and recommends improvements and fixes.
  • The Moz link index will let you see metrics to any site in seconds, including anchor text and Domain Authority.
  • Gain valuable insights into your Google and Facebook presence, and publish your data to the platforms with ease.
  • Update the location on partner sites immediately, and make sure that customers are seeing the most accurate information.

Pricing plans:

The paid plans are listed as: 

Standard Pricing-99$/mo




16. Ahrefs

It is one of the best SEO tools to optimize your website. Through the SEO Site Audit tool, find out exactly what is the hindrance for your website ranking. By crawling all the pages on your website, it provides an overall SEO health score, visualizes key data in charts, flags all possible SEO issues and provides recommendations on how to fix them.

Ahrefs’ backlink checker will tell you the number of referring domains, number of backlinks Domain Rating (DR) & URL Rating (UR),  and Ahrefs Rank (AR).

Top features: 

  • You can choose to crawl the mobile version of your website by selecting from one of the pre-configured mobile user agents.
  • Keywords Explorer gives you data for 171 countries for platforms like Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Baidu, etc.
  • Segment your data exactly how you want it and the rank tracker will visualize it according to you.
  • Combine the live or broken filter and referring domains filter to find dead pages on a given topic with backlinks.

Pricing plans:

The paid plans are listed as: 





17.  Mangools

It is a search engine optimization platform for checking the domain authority of any website, tracking keyword rankings, backlinks tracking that helps businesses to optimize their SEO strategy. 

Track the search results, search engine result page features, click-through rates and many more metrics for more than 52k locations including countries, cities or DMA regions.

Top features: 

  • Monitor the essential SEO domain authority and popularity metrics.
  • See link previews directly in the tool. Find the best backlinks with time-saving filters.
  • Identify the keywords that have low SEO difficulty and high search volume.
  • Setup daily rankings in 30 seconds, share interactive reports, and schedule your reports.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 10-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

Basic -49$/mo

Premium -69$/mo

Agency -129$/mo

18. Website SEO Checker

Here is another one of the best and free SEO tool that helps businesses in having onpage and off SEO analytics. You can have the domain analysis through its domain authority checker.

Also, it has a plagiarism checker tool with a user-friendly interface. You just have to copy-paste your text or link in the spaces provided. And the checker will provide you with a percentage of the text that is copied from somewhere.

Top features: 

  • Track the history of domain authority and compare between the previous and present results.
  • Check the website traffic that helps in improving the brand marketing. 
  • Google Index Checker will detect your website in the Google index list. 
  • Use the domain age checker to know how long a domain name or a website has been running.

Keyword Analysis Tools

19. Dragon Metrics

Keyword rankings are always a challenge for marketers. So, DragonMetrics brings you powerful features to track a huge number of keywords at one time. And the reports are also very clear and straightforward for making business decisions.

This tool gives you SEO solutions worldwide and can automatically identify 50 of the most common SEO issues affecting your website and will give you detailed guidelines to fix them. You can find out new traffic opportunities with the support of more than 25 SERP features.

Top features: 

  • Track performance and uncover opportunities on mobile devices.
  • Receive weekly alerts of your highest ranking competitors.
  • Strategize and manage according to competitor keyword targeting, backlinks, content, and more factors.
  • You can build beautiful and easy reports with your logo on a custom domain.

Pricing plans:

The paid plans are listed as: 






20. WooRank

Get results for your marketing efforts and increase your website’s online visibility. Track and analyze the data of websites for SEO, social media, usability and many more factors in one place. And automated website reports can be fully customized with your branding.

You can discover what needs to be done next for your website and for that, so many actionable marketing tips and tricks will help you to have more reach from your customers online.

Top features: 

  • Get to know which of your landing pages are getting the most traffic. It offers weekly email reports for the metrics you are interested in.
  • Easily analyze where you can improve your site’s SEO and get pointers to fix those issues.
  • You can refine your keyword tracking by country, city, state, or province for more accurate local search data.
  • Its crawl highlights the big errors present in your site.

Pricing plans:

The paid plans are listed as: 



Enterprise-Contact For Pricing

21. RankTrackr

Through this tool, you can have the most accurate rankings. RankTrackr fetches the data by a “10 results per page” for one request process instead of the traditional “100 results per page” process that is used by most rank trackers to save resources. 

Besides that, it uses advanced methods to access ranking data for local tracking with precise accuracy for an area by country, city, region, or zip code. You can also filter your keywords to determine which are performing better for your website.

Top features: 

  • Get important statistical and Adwords data like search volume and CPC.
  • Easily export your keyword data to a simple PDF or CSV reports.
  • See historical rankings on a graph and measure SERP results.
  • Receive the emails for daily, weekly or monthly rankings summaries.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 10-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

1. Micro-7.5$/mo

2. Starter-15.8$/mo

3. Basic-32.5$/mo

4. Expert-57.5$/mo

5. Pro 2000-82.5$/mo

6. Pro 3000-115.8$/mo

7. Pro 4000-149.2$/mo

8. Pro 5000-182.5$/mo

9. Pro 10,000-357.5$/mo

22. SECockpit

It is one of the best keyword SEO tools that will provide you related keyword suggestions with profitable Google keywords to beat the competitors. This platform will complete the keyword research within seconds, and the sorting and filtering options can save your lot of time.

It is an alternative to Google keyword planner and with its substantial data, it delivers the general market analytics too. Besides the keyword suggestions from Google AdWords, Google Suggest (Long Tail Keywords) and Google Related Searches, keyword ideas are also available via Amazon and YouTube Suggest.

Top features: 

  • Its keyword research can give you up to 200 fully processed and analyzed keywords in just one minute.
  • You can have an analysis of the top ten pages currently ranking for your selected keywords.
  • Search by country or language in its keyword planner.
  • Onpage optimizations can be done through its good keyword research and it has a live demo also in its website tool.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 

Personal -39$/mo

Pro -59$/mo

Agency -99$/mo

23.  LongTailPro

Improve your search engine optimization strategy by using this keyword planner tool and find the higher long tail keyword rankings in Google. Just enter the seed keyword, and its keyword research will get you up to 400 long tail keywords instantly.

You can create filters based on your average CPC bid, search volume, rank value, and other factors also. Moreover, monitoring of competitor’s page or domain URL can be done to watch their long tail keyword strategy and then compare the keyword suggestions using all the metrics that matter.

Top features :

  • You can calculate the score of keyword ideas for your business on a scale of 0 to 100.
  • Long Tail Pro’s proprietary algorithm will do keyword research and give you related keyword suggestions.
  • After getting long tail keyword ideas, you can do a website analysis of the top sites in Search Engine Results Pages.
  • Long Tail Pro can update the rankings of each keyword on a daily basis. 

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 




Content Optimizer Tools

24. Surfer

Surfer is an SEO software tool for optimizing Onpage SEO easily. It analyzes more than 500 onpage signals at a time and guides to have higher rankings by content optimization to create better content than your competitors. 

Generate a one-click audit for any URL and then you will get a precise and actionable plan to implement. Its real-time data-driven methodology offers you key insights giving you the perfect keyword density, common words, precise copy length, and much more.

Top features :

  • Get the right length and include all prominent words in your category or product descriptions.
  • If the content meets any criteria from created guidelines, they will immediately turn green. Therefore, you can always see how much work is left.
  • Prioritize your tasks for optimization based on factors that influence rankings for your keyword.
  • Get similar keywords that are closely related to your main topic and rank them all.

Pricing plans:

It offers a trial period of 7-days for 1$. And paid plans are listed as: 




25. Copywritely

It is a Saas platform for content optimization to have better SEO results. Make comprehensive SEO content analysis to identify the problems that prevent your pages to rank higher in SERP.

Get high-quality and unique SEO content to boost your conversations and traffic to the website. You can rewrite, replace, or delete content with low quality using its interactive writing tips in an online editor.

Top features: 

  • Increase the rankings of websites by fixing problems with plagiarism and keyword spamming.
  • Improve your efficiency with the help of a grammar checker, word counter and paraphrasing tool.
  • It has a readability checker that calculates how easy it to read is your content. This analyzer checks your text by the Gunning fog index and the Flesch index.
  • Its SERP checker analyzes competitors’ content and helps to find keywords that should be used on your website.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 7-days. And paid plans are listed as: 





26. ContentKing

It is another content tracking and SEO audit tool to improve search engine rankings. It can monitor your web properties 24/7 and get you insights using a wide array of signals. If there is a need to fix something, then you will receive alerts, so that you can resolve it.

ContentKing integrates with Slack, and pushes alert notifications right into any of your team’s Slack channels. Also, you can connect your ContentKing account with Google Analytics to discover page views, bounce rates, page values and other factors.

Top features: 

  • Check the Google performance for any page, or the whole website.
  • Get reports on page changes, issues and health for the entire website or specific segments. It provides you with a beautiful reporting template.
  • Easily keep track of issues being solved, or issues being introduced
  • For the large datasets, it has powerful filter options to get your data in the way you want.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 




Enterprise-Contact for Pricing

Website Design Tools

27. Flowmapp

Flowmapp is a software platform to create expressive and efficient website designs. It is a full-stack UX platform that has a user flow tool, sitemap tool, customer journey map tool, and personas tool.

Its design and development steps include creating sitemaps, building flowcharts, researching users, planning customer journeys, managing content, and sharing with clients. The inbuilt UX tools provide you a great way to visualize the hierarchy and structure of any future product.

Top features: 

  • Organize the things to create, store, manage, share, invite, export, and discuss.
  • Use shapes, lines and icons to create flowcharts. 
  • Use the project structure for instant navigation between pages.
  • Share the customer journey map with colleagues, teammates, and clients.
  • Personas tool will help you create main characters by describing their needs, goals, feelings, and expectations.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 14-days. And paid plans are listed as: 




28. Whimsical

It is the platform for visual workspace management of flowcharts, wireframes, sticky notes, and mind maps. Make beautiful and attractive designs for your website easily and you can collaborate and work with your team members also.

Whimsical includes a vast library of configurable elements like buttons, inputs, checkboxes, and many more. It has some smart customizations, so you can add labels or change a state with just a click to create designing forms. It is simple and expressive to keep all the details. 

Top features: 

  • There are thousands of categorized searchable icons. 
  • Design the wireframe for any screen like desktop, iPhone, android, tablet, or any other.
  • You can add as many teammates as you want to work in the same wireframe document at the same time. 
  • Its expandable cards let you insert rich text, images, comments and other things also.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial up to limited usage of 4 boards. And paid plans are listed as: 



29. Protopie

This platform will help businesses to create prototypes for website design models and develop it. Make amazing interactions without writing any code. And connect your prototypes to multiple screens, devices, and pieces of hardware.

From more than 100 countries, designers use the Protopie to convert their imagination into reality. Connect your prototypes to different types of hardware technologies ranging from voice assistants to IoT. 

Top features :

  • Quickly share and access all your team’s interactions by using the libraries. 
  • Create the interactions using native keyboard, native camera, or multi-touch, all at a single click.
  • Connect a steering wheel, pedal, and voice assistant technologies to create engaging interactions.
  • You can import an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file and scale it without losing quality.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 30-days. And paid plans are listed as: 



Enterprise-Contact For Pricing

30. Toybox

Management of ideas, their inspection and collaboration on websites can be done through this software solution. Toybox works on all browsers and can be installed on local and live websites.

Collect the feedback, bugs, or ideas simply on a web page from clients or team members. And stop tracking feedback with lengthy emails, or confusing chats. It will automatically export tasks from Toybox into your existing tools.

Top features: 

  • Allocate, prioritize, filter and solve the issues inside the Toybox app or directly on your website.
  • Get full visibility of your UI just by glancing over elements.
  • Make sure your comment is sent, seen, and lined up by the right person.
  • You can instantly verify whether the styles on your page are acceptable by WCAG color contrast guidelines.

Pricing plans:

It offers a free trial period of 30-days. And paid plans are listed as: 




Enterprise-Contact for pricing.

Ready to optimize search engine rankings?

Have a look at the above tools and survey them to decide what exactly your business needs. Select them and level up your website’s rankings as search engine optimization is a key factor in online marketing.

It is a huge source of getting free traffic and lots of customers. These tools will definitely help you excel in your business. So, go for it now.