Twitter – A Tool For Rapid Customer Engagement And Business Growth

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Written by Manvendra Singh

On March 24, 2022

Twitter has always been a popular social media network, but its popularity has exploded in recent years. Brands can take advantage of the conversational approach by creating branded content themselves or cooperating with individuals. Many of the biggest companies currently utilize tools like a free tweet scheduler to stay ahead of the competition.

According to Twitter’s most recent financial figures, overall income in the second quarter of 2021 increased by 74% to $1.19 billion, with monetizable daily active users rising by 11% year over year to 206 million in 2021.

Since its inception, Twitter has been a highly gregarious platform where quick-fire tweets can spark genuine discussions worldwide. Twitter is a chatty, easygoing, and very authentic network. It has a confessional, genuine quality that other social media platforms lack. This conversational manner of communication was exactly what people needed during a pandemic. 

This is mirrored in that 9.6% of adults increased their Twitter usage considerably during Covid-19. Because of Twitter’s casual tone, marketers may engage, excite, and surprise people, revealing many levels of the brand’s personality.

Utilizing Twitter Effectively To Reach Brand Goals

Twitter can help you engage with your consumers and reach a large audience. However, the disadvantages include the possibility of an unfavorable response.

You should consider if a Twitter account would be beneficial to your company. Is it being used by your competitors? What are some examples of how others in your industry utilize it?

Consider the benefits below to see if Twitter is suitable for your company.

There are several benefits of utilizing Twitter for business:

  • Twitter has a vast user base, which may include potential clients. Using hashtags might help you reach out to people interested in a specific topic or region.
  • Twitter allows you to communicate with your consumers in real-time. That is why, if you perform it effectively, it will reflect favourably on your company.
  • Using Twitter to express your brand’s ethos and personality may be beneficial. This should make your company, your brand and your product more appealing to your target market.
  • Twitter may also be an effective tool for getting client feedback.
  • Setting up a Twitter account is completely free. While paid advertisements are available, many companies find that organic posts and interactions are more beneficial.

For brands, Twitter hashtag campaigns have become an essential and beneficial tool for content production, audience interaction, and income-generating.

In recent years, some notable corporations have opportunistically built masterfully coordinated Twitter hashtag campaigns, ranging from Coca-Cola to Audi.

  • Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke Campaign

#ShareACoke is one of the most comprehensive and clever internet marketing initiatives ever. This campaign’s goal was to get people to share a bottle of coke with their friends and family. As a result, each entry received a unique bottle. It resulted in massive sales for the company. In addition, Twitter was overwhelmed with Coca-cola-related user-generated material. It seems that individuals from all across the world participated in #ShareACoke.

  • Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins

Brands frequently employ hashtag contests on social media platforms to produce user-generated content (UGC). Nonetheless, this content instrument often entails an investment in providing pleasure. The ad centered around urging individuals to post photos of themselves wearing Calvin Klein clothing, as the tag says. As a result, Calvin Klein amassed a large amount of internet material without making any recognized offerings. Furthermore, a large number of new fans flooded Calvin Klein’s Twitter account.

  • #IceBucketChallenge From ALS

The ALS Association launched this classic awareness campaign in the middle of 2014. With the help of celebrities and influencers, the hashtag became viral. This campaign was the most successful in terms of creating purpose-driven content. The #IceBucketChallenge has been a tremendous success. They raised the bar extremely high when it came to creating raucous and engaging awareness campaigns.

Tools To Help You Succeed On Twitter

Many social media management tools are available that will help you manage your accounts across all social media platforms, including Twitter. Ryzely’s Social Media Management Solution is an excellent example of a completely free tool for small enterprises. Ryzly’s Social Media Management Tool can handle all of your requirements. 

With Ryzely’s really free social media management tool, you can operate comfortably and successfully whether you’re a small, budding firm or a medium-to-large organization. And if you are looking to post and schedule LinkedIn posts free or for any other platform, this is the tool for you.

To increase the reach and attractiveness of your content, use hashtags and emoticons using this tool. In addition, you can keep your readers interested by utilizing the free social media scheduling tool to prepare your updates according to your publication strategy and post them at any time of day. 

You may also create a post and have it published on your social networking sites later. Use this tool to quickly distribute news across many social networks, whether it’s something your fans need to know right now or one of your planned updates. 

You may also schedule your social engagements months in advance and utilize the extra time to research fresh ideas, popular subjects, and current events. So, start using Ryzely’s social media scheduler free and bump-start your brand’s success now!